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History of Toyota

Kiichiro Toyoda

Kiichiro Toyoda

Cooperated with his father Sakichi to develop automatic loom as well as textile machinery. Based on the foundations of those loom business, Kiichiro Toyoda devoted himself to the development of domestic technology in pursuit of mass production of automobiles and built the foundations of the automobile industry. Here, we trace the course of Kiichiro’s life.

  • Kiichiro Toyoda born in Shizuoka Prefecture(113-2, Yamaguchi, Yoshizu-mura, Fuchi-gun)
  • Completes non-stop shuttle change automatic loom TypeG
  • Patent for automatic loom is transferred to Platt Brothers & Co.,Ltd.of the U.K.
  • High-draft spinning frame completed
  • Small gasoline engine prototype (with a 4PS output) developed
  • Plant for prototype production completed
    Installation of machinery and equipment imported from the West begins
  • Steel mill completed
  • First Type A engine completed
  • First Model A1 passenger car prototype completed
  • Decision to double capital and begin full-scale automobile production made at an extraordinary stockholders’s meeting;burden of capital increase to \3,000,000 taken by Toyoda Bosyoku Shou
  • Model G1 prototype truck completed
  • Mass production of Model AA passenger cars (improved Model A1) starts
  • Kariya Assembly Plant (today’s Kariya Plant at Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd.) starts operations
  • Toyota logo designed; product name changed from Toyoda to Toyota
  • Production of Model GA truck (improved Model G1) starts
  • Toyota Motor Co.,Ltd. established
  • Construction of Koromo Plant completed
  • Koromo Plant starts flow and Just-in-Time production
  • Research laboratory for airplanes established at Koromo Plant
  • Shibaura Plant established; storage battery research laboratory established at Shibaura Plant
  • Prototype Model AE passenger car (“Shin-Nihon”) completed
  • Tianjin Plant divided to establish Hokushi Jidosha Kogyo
  • Toyoda Steel Works,Ltd. (today’s Aichi Steel Works, Ltd.) established
  • Toyoda Physical and Chemical Research Institute established
  • Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. established
  • Shanghai Plant divided to establish Kachu Toyoda Jidosha Kogyo
  • Airplane Department started
  • Tokai Hikoki Co.,Ltd. (today’s Aisin Seiki Co.,Ltd.) established
  • Kariya Plant becomes independent; changes to Toyota Shatai Kogyo,Ltd.
  • Production of Model SA small passenger car (Toyota’s first small passenger car) started
  • Nisshin Tsusho Kaisya Ltd.(today’s Toyoda Tsusho Corporation) established
  • Nagoya Rubber Co.,Ltd.(today’s Toyoda Gosei co.,Ltd) established
  • Nippondenso Co.,Ltd.(today’s Denso Corporation) established.
  • First Model BX truck prototype completed; undergose 5,000km running test
  • Toyota Moter Sales Co.,Ltd. established
  • Minsei Spinning Co.,Ltd. (today’s Toyoda Boshoku Corp.) established
  • Production of Model BX 4-ton truck (improved Model BM) and the Model BY bus started
  • Development of first-generation Crown automobile begins
  • Kiichiro dies aged 57; posthumously awarded the Fourth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Junior Grade of the Fifth Rank of Honor by the Japanese government
  • Model AA passenger cars, 1936

  • Model GA truck, 1936