Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Toyota Commemorative Museum for Industry and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “This Museum”) considers it important to protect personal information, and protecting the personal information is the social responsibility and duty of This Museum. This Museum sets the following as a policy to protect personal information, makes the policy disseminated and well-understood by the entire staff of This Museum, and carries out the policy in a constant manner.

1. This Museum will properly collect, use, and provide personal information.

The personal information mentioned in this policy means users’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information by which an individual can be identified. There are some cases where users’ personal information will be collected when users inquire about our facilities, services, and events or pose general questions about This Museum. In the cases where This Museum collects personal information, the purpose of collection will be clarified to the users, and This Museum will use such information to the extent that is required to achieve the purpose.

2. Respect for Personal Rights

This Museum will respect the rights of individuals for their personal information and respond to the requests to disclose and complaints or consultations of such personal information by the subject individuals within a reasonable time frame. In the cases where there are errors in personal information and where the correction is requested, This Museum will quickly process the correction within a reasonable time frame after This Museum confirms that the requestor’s identity matches with that of the subject individual.

3. Use of Personal Information

This Museum will not disclose personal information to any third party without the consent of the subject individual. In the cases where This Museum uses personal information with other business entities, the range of other business entities and similar information will be published. Personal information is disclosed to contractors without clearly specifying it at the time of obtaining personal information in the cases such as the distribution of materials or in the settlement of service charges; however, the use of such information is to the extent required to achieve the purpose.

4. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

This Museum will keep the acquired personal information accurate and up-to-date to the extent required to achieve the purpose of use, will make efforts to prevent risks such as leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and will continuously carry out improvement and correction in information security.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Guidelines set by the Japanese Government, and Other Standards

This Museum will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set by the Japanese government, other standards, and industrial guidelines applicable to handling personal information. This Museum will set its personal information protection policy and be abided by the policy.

This Museum will implement continuous improvement to ensure a steady exercise of personal information protection.

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