9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)

Museum Information



Category Adults
(aged 18 or over)
Junior and senior high school students Elementary school students Senior
(aged 65 or over)
General admission 500 yen 300 yen 200 yen Free※4
Group admission
(for 30 or more people)
400 yen 240 yen 160 yen
School Field trips※1 250 yen
(Students at colleges and vocational schools)
150 yen Free
Physically disabled and their attendants※2 Free Free Free
People with incurable conditions who have things like Specific Medical Expenses Claimant Certification and one person accompanying them※3 Free Free Free
Annual Pass※5 1200 yen 700 yen 500 yen
Multi-Tickets(Noritake Garden’s Craft Center)※6 800 yen Free※8
Multi-Tickets(Toyota Automobile Museum)※7 1200 yen 640 yen 460 yen ※9
  1. Teachers are admitted free.
  2. A visitor who presents his/her handicapped person’s passbook and one attendant will be admitted free. Please present your passbook at the general information counter.
  3. Please bring evidence of your status (Specific Medical Care Recipient Certification, Local Consultation and Support Recipient Certification, Disability Welfare Service Recipient Certification, or Movement Support and Local Activity Support Recipient Certification) and present it at the general information desk.
  4. You need a certification a valid drivers license or health insurance card, etc. Please present it at the Main Information Desk.
  5. This is only for the person whose signature appears on the Annual Pass.
  6. It can be purchased at this museum or the Noritake Garden’s Craft Center.
  7. It can be purchased at this museum or the Toyota Automobile Museum.
  8. Presenting the ID card, the admission fee of people 65 and over is free at Noritake Garden.
  9. There is no multi-ticket with the Toyota Automobile Museum for people 65 and over. (500yen admission fee is required at the Toyota Automobile Museum.)

※Admissions for the events held at the special event hall will be determined on each occasion.

Annual Pass

The Annual Pass gives you repeated access to the museum for one year from the date of purchase.
Purchasers of the Annual Pass also receive these special benefits:

1 Free voice guide rental (normally 200 yen)
(Available in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)
2 5% discount on museum shop purchases (note:books are excluded)
3 5% discount at the restaurant Brick Age

Admission Discounts

Common Admission Tickets

Common admission tickets are available for both the Noritake Garden’s Craft Center and the Toyota Automobile Museum. Common admission tickets are better than ordinary admission fees. Please refer to the fee schedule above.

Credit cards and mobile services that have preferential discounts that can be applied for the admission.

Discounted tickets can be purchased by those who presented the items below at the information desk of this facility.

20% Discount
  • A One-day Pass for the metro or city bus system, Donichi Eco Kippu (an economy ticket for Saturdays and Sundays), a One-day Ticket for the Nagoya Kanko Route Bus (Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus), or a Hacchie Kids Club membership card
  • Kanko Bunka Shisetsu Yutai Waribiki Ken (a preferential discount ticket for sightseeing and visiting cultural facilities) by the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • A JTB Elavel Club membership card
  • If you purchase with the Toyota TS Cubic (TS3) card

Discount tickets are sold at places other than this facility.

20% Discount
  • Toyota Sangyo Gijutsu Kinenkan (the Toyota Commemorative Museum for Industry and Technology) admission tickets are sold at Ticket Pia.