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Press Request

Press Request

If you wish to carry out media coverage of our facility, please download the application form and fill out the required information before submitting the application via e-mail. Our representative will contact you after reviewing your completed application.
You are not required to submit an application if you only wish to take photos with your own camera or mobile phone for personal use or for internal reference without the use of a tripod or other equipment.

Application process

Submit your application

If you wish to carry out media coverage of our facility, please complete the application form below and fax or e-mail the completed application to us.

Press Request Form
Authorization of media coverage

Our PR representative will get in touch with you within five business days of receiving your application to confirm the details of the coverage and finalize the schedule. Please contact us by phone for urgent requests.

Day of coverage

Please ensure that members of the general public are not inconvenienced on the day of the shoot. Please follow the instructions of our staff during the coverage.

After the coverage

Please ensure that the content of the manuscript has been proofread prior to its publication. Please provide us with some of the publication materials, footage, etc., that have been published.

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