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Who was Kiichiro Toyoda ?

Who was Kiichiro Toyoda ?

Kiichiro Toyoda is well known as the founder and creator of the Toyota Motor Corporation, but what sort of person was he? What sort of life did he live, and what dreams did he embrace?
Through words from the man himself, and quotes from friends and associates that lived in the period in which the company was founded, we can begin to establish a clear picture.
Explore this exhibit to learn more about the intense passion Toyoda had towards craftsmanship and domestic Japanese auto manufacturing.

A Forest of Scenes from Kiichiro Toyoda’s Life

A Forest of Scenes from Kiichiro Toyoda's Life

These panels contain quotes from people that were close to Kiichiro Toyoda. Here we can learn about his thoughts, plans, ideas, and personal character.

Kiichiro Toyoda – A Chronicle

Kiichiro Toyoda - A Chronicle

  • Chapter 1:
    From the time of his birth, to his school days
  • Chapter 2:
    Spinning looms research and development
  • Chapter 3:
    Beginning research into automobile manufacturing
  • Chapter 4:
    Stepping stones towards entering the auto industry
  • Chapter 5:
    Establishing the Koromo Factory and the Toyota Motor Company
  • Chapter 6:
    Corporate restructuring during the post-war reconstruction period

Video Corner

Video Corner

Here you can view videos about Kiichiro Toyoda and industry during the pre-war period.