9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)

Museum Information



The exhibits in this museum are easy to understand thanks to the operator-led demonstrations and button-enabled dynamic exhibitions.

The museum can be visited basically at any time without an appointment.

General Visitors

Please feel free to visit and look around.

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours in which a museum docent will show you around.

  • Guided tour by staff member (~45 mins) Free
    Apply at the entrance on the day of your visit.

    ・Guided Tours in Japanese
    Textile Machinery Pavilion:10:00/13:30
    Automobile Pavilion:11:15/14:45
    ・Guided Tours in English
    Textile Machinery Pavilion:14:00
    Automobile Pavilion:15:15

    *Guided Tours in English are temporarily suspended.

  • Audio tour device/audio tour app
    Service is available in 6 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese).

    ・Aaudio tour app(Free)
    Enjoy a guided tour on your own smartphone with text and audio explanations for each exhibit.Check the following page for information on the app.
    Use our public Wi-Fi (for downloading the audio tour app) to download the app.
    ・Lending of Audio Tour equipment(200yen)
    You can hear detailed explanations for each display item and area.
    Apply at the information desk.

Group and School Group Visitors

We recommend that you make an appointment to ensure a smooth entrance.