This will be the second event to commemorate the 150th year since the birth of Sakichi Toyoda. Sakichi devoted his entire life to the invention of weaving machines, until he achieved his ultimate aim of producing a fully-automated loom, at the age of 57.

This special exhibition will present Sakichi’s life spent researching and creating, alongside Sakichi’s relationships with people who responded to his determination and supported him.

Dates: Saturday, February 11th–Sunday, May 7th

Venue: Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Special Exhibition Room

Related Events: We will release more details about these via our website in due course.

1. Fourth Sangi College

Date and times: Sunday, March 19th, 14:30–16:30 (to be confirmed)

Details: Lecture aimed at adults

Presenting a mix of anecdotes about Sakichi and the people who supported him.

2. Third Event to Commemorate the 150th Birthday of Sakichi Toyoda:
Event to Celebrate Invention Day

Dates: Tuesday, April 11th–Sunday, April 23rd

Details: An exhibition about the Top 100 Innovations of post-war Japan and the Ten Japanese Great Inventors

Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd

A craft workshop for children (a water sensor that lights up LEDs and a foldable three-dimensional object?! Making Move Forms and Making a Mug-Shaped Accessory Case from Raffia)

Sunday, April 23rd Lecture for adults: 14:30–16:30 (to be confirmed)