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The Aspiration of Sakichi Toyoda

The Aspiration of Sakichi Toyoda

Sakichi Toyoda was the founder of Toyota Group. In his teenage years, he aspired to give back to his country and society, and he devoted his life to inventing. However, littered with a succession of obstacles and ordeals, his journey was by no means an easy one. Through Sakichi’s words, we hope you can get a sense of the will which drove him devote himself to research and creation that was ever ahead of its time.

1867~ Budding Aspirations
(Keio 3)

1890~ Embarking on His Aspirations
(Meiji 23)

1896~ Success in Motorizing Looms
(Meiji 29)

1902 Inventions and Tribulations
1910~ Ambitions of Global Expansion
(Meiji 43)

1924~ Aspirations Achieved
(Taisho 13)

1935~ Desire for a Successor
(Showa 10)

The Aspirations Kiichiro Inherited from Sakichi.

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